Hope | Love | Warmth

After the successful collaboration in the previous version of Camera Japan Festival, they invited Lanka for 2020 as well.

She had a live performance on the 25th of September, Friday in front of many audiences who came for Japanese cinema, and they were amazed by her spectacular performance.

She scribed four kanji characters for hope, love and warmth, in Japanese kibou [希望], ai [愛] and atatakai [温]. Lanka chose these characters to reflect on her feelings during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Through her performance, she expressed her longing for togetherness and physical contact with her loved ones. She shared her genuine feelings with the audience, how she missed the love and warmth of her friend during this difficult period.

The event organisers were very happy to collaborate with her, the festival director Alex Oost expressed his gratitude towards her after the performance. You can see the programme of Camera Japan 2020 in their archives.