Lanka in the Bibliotheek Utrecht

Lanka in the Bibliotheek Utrecht

Photo: Cindy Agterberg

JACCU, the Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht invited Lanka for a shodō (Japanese calligraphy) workshop and performance in the Manga and Japanese Culture Week of the Bibliotheek Utrecht, Neude library.

Thirty-two people had the opportunity to attend the workshop, which repeated four rounds in groups of eight. Lanka’s teaching method was really effective, Visitors were happy to see the improvement with their own eyes.

Her theatrical performance attracted the many spectators in the library. In minutes, with her performance inspired by the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the Ainu people, she conveyed her deep respect to her culture and the nature and people of that culture.

Lanka wrote four characters, which stand for Ainu culture and philosophy:

神威 (Kamui)
Ainu people call God Kamui with respect. They believe that God exists in everything, in nature and animals, even in the things that humans made.

礼 Rei and 祈 Inori
Ainu people perform a ritual (祈) when they hunt animals to get food and make clothing to show their gratitude courtesy (礼) to god, so that the god comes back to them.

About Lanka Calligraphy
Photo: Taciser Sevinc

This collaboration with the library and JACCU led her to a solo exhibition in the Neude Library. First the result of the performance was exhibited in May 2022. Later she was asked to exhibit more of her calligraphy works in June 2022. Taciser Sevinc and Hiroko Matsushita form JACCU helped her to curate her works on the exhibition walls of the library.

Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht and Bibliotheek Utrecht are willing to invite Lanka to Utrecht more often. Watch the videos in the JACCU Instagram account!

About Lanka Calligraphy
Photo: Hiroko Matsushita
Manga and Japanese Culture Week in Utrecht

Manga and Japanese Culture Week in Utrecht

Lanka is invited to collaborate with JACCU and the Bibliotheek Utrecht for the Manga & Japanese Culture Week event.
Within the programme of the event, she will be there on these two days:

  • Feb 20 Sunday 12:00 – 14:30
    She will give a calligraphy workshop for free!
    It will be a small exercise on the classic 永 (eternity) kanji.
  • Feb 20 After the workshop, she will join the Artists’ Meeting
    organised by the artistic leaders of JACCU.
  • Feb 26 Saturday 14:30
    She will do a live performance at the Great Hall of the Neude library.
    This event is also open to all library visitors for free.

Lanka is very excited about what will happen at the Manga & Japanese Culture Week, and how many new people she will meet there. Feel free to join these events and talk to Lanka!

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Camera Japan Festival 2020

Camera Japan Festival 2020

Hope | Love | Warmth

After the successful collaboration in the previous version of Camera Japan Festival, they invited Lanka for 2020 as well.

She had a live performance on the 25th of September, Friday in front of many audiences who came for Japanese cinema, and they were amazed by her spectacular performance.

She scribed four kanji characters for hope, love and warmth, in Japanese kibou [希望], ai [愛] and atatakai [温]. Lanka chose these characters to reflect on her feelings during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Through her performance, she expressed her longing for togetherness and physical contact with her loved ones. She shared her genuine feelings with the audience, how she missed the love and warmth of her friend during this difficult period.

The event organisers were very happy to collaborate with her, the festival director Alex Oost expressed his gratitude towards her after the performance. You can see the programme of Camera Japan 2020 in their archives.

Tomasu Brewery Open Day

Tomasu Brewery Open Day


Tomasu Brewery is a soy sauce brewery in Rotterdam. For their open day event in October 2019, they invited Lanka for a live performance.

In this performance, Lanka scribed the kanji characters for Shin-Shi [真摯] which stands for a sincere, earnest or a devoted being. The owners of the Tomasu Brewery chose these characters out of the proposals of Lanka. They wanted to express their devotion in producing a genuine Japanese style soy sauce in the Netherlands.

More than twenty people watched Lanka’s performance. Many of them were interested in her works and made inquiries for commissioning her art. She also received a big package of an exquisite product set of soy sauce as a token of gratitude.

Hotel Sunroute 10th Anniversary

Hotel Sunroute 10th Anniversary


Lanka’s first live performance with Japanese calligraphy was for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Hotel Sunroute, one of the Sotetsu Hotels in Tokyo, in 2017.

The calligraphy piece she scribed was Kan Sha [感謝], which means “gratitude”, chosen by the hotel to show their customers their gratitude at their 10th anniversary.

She performed with live music for the first time, and she was accompanied by two opera singers and a piano. Together they performed the famous opera piece Lakmé, No. 2 – Duet (Flower Duet): “Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs … Dôme épais, le jasmin” (Lakmé, Mallika).

The show at the Hotel Sunroute was a thrilling experience for Lanka. She forgot the world around her during that 5 minutes! It attracted many audience members asking her about her practice and other performance works after the spectacle. This was the beginning of her ambition to do more live performances.