Lanka is invited to collaborate with JACCU and the Bibliotheek Utrecht for the Manga & Japanese Culture Week event.
Within the programme of the event, she will be there on these two days:

  • Feb 20 Sunday 12:00 – 14:30
    She will give a calligraphy workshop for free!
    It will be a small exercise on the classic 永 (eternity) kanji.
  • Feb 20 After the workshop, she will join the Artists’ Meeting
    organised by the artistic leaders of JACCU.
  • Feb 26 Saturday 14:30
    She will do a live performance at the Great Hall of the Neude library.
    This event is also open to all library visitors for free.

Lanka is very excited about what will happen at the Manga & Japanese Culture Week, and how many new people she will meet there. Feel free to join these events and talk to Lanka!

Lanka Calligraphy manga japanese culture