Japanese calligraphy artist LANKA was born in Hokkaido, Japan. She started learning shūji [習字] when she was 7 year old and stopped when she entered junior high school.

LANKA started to practise shodō [書道] at the Japanese calligraphy institute in 2012. After two years of study, she obtained a master’s level. At the post-graduate course, she kept learning Japanese calligraphy 4 more years. She has won awards and her work has been shown at public exhibitions during her study at the institute.

LANKA moved to the Netherlands in 2018 and since then she has been working on her own artworks and expressions within Japanese calligraphy.

Lanka Portrait Photo

Exhibitions | Commissions | Workshops | Performances

June 2023
Live performances and workshops at the Film Festival Nippon Connection in Frankfurt, DE

June 2023
Workshop for children at the KODOMO NO HI – Children’s Day event of JACCU

May 2023
Workshop at the Shu Uemura – Art of Hair

April 2023
Live performance together with the taiko group Kaon at the Elfia Festival

May 2022
Solo exhibition at Bibliotheek Neude, Utrecht

May 2022
Solo exhibition at Bibliotheek Neude, Utrecht

March 2022
Live performance at the private event of Japan Café, “Pray for Ukraine”

February 2022
Live performance and workshop in the Manga and Japanese Culture Week at Bibliotheek Neude, Utrecht

October 2021
Collaboration Project with Tom Postma Design office in Munich ” Art fair Highlight ” for jewellery brand Hemmerle

September 2021
Live performance and workshop (for adults and teenagers) at the Camera Japan Festival 2021

August 2021
Collaboration with Georgio Armani “My Way” private event for clients in the Netherlands

June 2021
Online lecture at the Art University Artez in Zwolle.

October 2020
Workshop at the Japanese film festival Camera Japan Festival 2020 in Amsterdam

September 2020
Live performance, workshop and a solo exhibition at the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam

October 2019
Live performance and workshop at the Camera Japan Festival in Amsterdam
Live performance at Tomasu Brewery

September 2019
Live performance, workshop and a solo exhibition at the Camera Japan Festival 2019 in Rotterdam
Live performance/workshop at the event of Over de Brug, Rotterdam

June 2019
Live performance at food event Rollende Keukens, Amsterdam
Live performance at the opening of art fair Montmartre aan de IJssel

March 2019
Solo exhibition at In de Lugt on the event of Pica Pica project in Rotterdam
Workshop at Matcha cafe Round & Round in Rotterdam

February 2019
Commission work on the name of restaurant “Cascanueces”

July 2018
Commissioned work on short film “No quiero estar sola” title & casting name, and poster text

Jan 2018
Live performance and workshop for the new year event at the Hotel Sunroute, Tokyo

Sep 2017
Live performance for the 10th anniversary event at the Hotel Sunroute Plaza, Tokyo

Lanka's Works

Lanka frequently produces independent works to improve herself or create abstract works with the influence of her creative spirit. She is often invited for workshops and live performances in various Japanese culture related events as well as receiving commissions for tailor-made calligraphy works.